Give them the chance to live the life every boxer should!

The number of boxers needing help in other states is out of control ~ so much so that local boxer rescues do not have room for them all.  Boxer Lovers does have room and has been helping with these boxers for several months now. 


While we want to continue to help all the boxers we can, these transports are costly we need your help.  The transport cost alone is $175.00 per boxer plus health certificate and then at times we have to board till transport.  You can imagine how spendy that can get.

These boxers are waiting now to start their new life ~ can you help get them here??

Boxer Lovers is a proud recipient of funding from Maddie's Fund, helping to achieve a no-kill nation

Boxer Lovers Rescue

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Kuna, ID 83634

ph: 208-779-2114

fax: 208-907-5735

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