When looking for some resources to help a young female boxer that had been abandoned when her family was evicted from a home in the neighborhood I lived in was when my eyes were opened to the reality of the number of homeless boxers.  Looking at my boxer girl sitting beside me and the love I have for the boxer breed the whole thing was just shocking to me ~ I wasn't sure at that point what I could do but knew I had to do something.

In my research I met Kim.  After hours of talking to her, learning everything I could, with her help and encouragement we jumped in with both feet so to speak.   Starting out there was only a couple of us here in the Boise area and you could say we all had a few too many boxers in our homes.  

Knowing very little about running a rescue, our journey has been a learn as you go process but we've felt that as long as we kept our focus on what was best for the boxer, we would be ok.  

With Idaho not seeing the abandoned boxer problem seen in other states, we made the decision to expand and do what we could to help boxers in other area's.

Today, we are a registered nonprofit in Idaho and Utah.  With a network of volunteers, transporters, and foster homes we have been able to help hundreds of boxers throughout the Northwest.

Boxers are like potato chips-you can never have just one...

Boxer Lovers is a proud recipient of funding from Maddie's Fund, helping to achieve a no-kill nation

Boxer Lovers Rescue

PO Box 441

Kuna, ID 83634


ph: 208-779-2114

fax: 208-907-5735

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